"Little Secrets Of Life" eBook by This is my random life.

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This 30+ page Ebook is about the little secrets I've learn and discovered in life and I decided to share it with all of you. I've made a lot of mistakes in life. I've observed the people around me making the same mistakes over and over, but they still don't know why they are still unhappy. 

I've read tons of self help books along the journey to understand more about myself and life. I also have moments when I feel depressed, heartbroken, hurt, angry, worthless, stuck and the list goes on, just like everyone else.

This is a little something that I want to share with you. I've compiled all of my work and illustrations into one PDF, and also wrote a more in depth description for them to further explain the message I want to convey. I hope you can relate to it, feel more encouraged, and also learn more about yourself and life!

This book will be about: 

1. Why are some people so mean?

2. When I was still in High School

3. Important Habits to Have in Your 20s

4. Understanding Your Emotions

5. Guilt & Shame

6. Anger

7. Don't Run Away From Your Problems

8. Why I Love Cats (And Animals)

9. The Secret About Relationships

10. Law of Attraction In A Nutshell

11. The 11th Hour Principle

12. The Myth About Success

13. Should You Follow Your Heart? 


"A piece of artwork into the world's most brilliant mind. Her work is truly a masterpiece. Don't miss out! I can relate to a lot of the illustrations and stories behind her work."

- Tai Khuong, Founder of Psych2Go

"She illustrates and explains complex emotions in a simple and understandable way." 

"Very self-reflective to everyone. A cute, simple, pure self reminder that you do you and do what makes you happy. I usually feel moody when having self-reflection, but the illustrations in the book are too cute and quirky to handle that it makes me feel relaxing and happy."

- Le Thuong 


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